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Over the past year or so we’ve heard lots of good things about Samsung products. With Notes and Tablets popping up at events and meetings it has been hard not to take notice and we have been very curious to find out what all the fuss is about. We must admit the tablet is one part of the tech world we have yet to venture into. It seems like one of those extra pieces of kit that would be nice to have but not necessarily an essential. People use these devices for all sorts of things – from managing their daily schedule to catching up on favourite TV shows, making appointments to making lists, taking photos to designing moodboards. For many of these functions we tend to err on the side of the not-yet-outdated notebook and pen. But wait. Why does everyone suddenly have one of these and we don’t? We’ve been keen to try one out for a while now and were over the moon to finally have a go at the Samsung Galaxy tablet from this Argos range.

Samsung Galaxt Tab Review 3

In our mind these handy devices are meant to make the day to day a bit easier. December tends to be a rather hectic month for most of us and we thought what better way to put the Galaxy through its paces than by going about our daily (albeit very seasonal) routine at Betty HQ.

First things first, we had to get it set up. This tablet comes with the teeniest manual we have seen, great news for those of us that tend to take one look at said manual, cast it to one side and wade straight in. That’s exactly what we did. If you’ve got a tablet then you need some apps, so first stop was the Google Play store. Once we figured out where we were going we were able to easily download some basic use-them-everyday apps and get started.

Samsung Galaxt Tab Review7

At Betty we work with visuals all the time and that means we are always taking lots of photos. We love nothing more than documenting the things we’ve seen throughout the day and can’t count the hours we spend snapping and clicking whilst out and about. Whether it is for a new article idea, photo shoot inspiration or, most importantly, keeping in touch with our lovely Bettettes on Instagram, being able to take decent photos is a must-have function for us when it comes to technology. To see if the Galaxy could tick this box we braved the cold weather and went for a morning wander taking photos along the way. Using Instagram on this device was, in a word, wonderful. We’ve always wanted to use Instagram on a larger format and the vibrant screen made our photos look quite impressive if we do say so ourselves. The photo editing options were great too and the battery stood up to the test of processing lots of images, which was a huge bonus. Nobody likes the low battery alert. Thumbs up to the Galaxy on this one.



Next, a little bit of works meets play. If you stop by often you’ll know that we spend a lot of time in the kitchen trialing new recipes to share with you. At Betty HQ the start of December calls for festive baking to begin. Making batches of mince pies and putting (some) of them into the freezer means you can always have freshly baked treats for when your friends and family come over. Nigella Lawson’s is our go-to mince pie recipe. We decided to bring the Galaxy in on this festive fun by using it as our virtual cookbook to whisk up a batch of these delicious little pies. Following Nigella’s recipe on our shiny new tablet was both easy and enjoyable. Gold star here too.

Samsung Galaxt Tab Review

Samsung Galaxt Tab Review 1

Once the smell of freshly cooked mince pies fills the air it’s pretty hard to resist the urge not to taste a few, y’know to make sure they taste how they are supposed to. After a few too many it was back to work for a while. As evening closed in, all we could think of was curling up under a cozy blanket for a long overdue read. Cue e-book on our Galaxy tablet. Of course the great thing about using a tablet for this purpose is being able to store (and if you’re out and about, carry) lots of books with you at the same time in one place. Saves the hassle of searching for where you put your book down too…

Samsung Galaxt Tab Review6

After using the Samsung Galaxy for just one day we have to say we’re pretty smitten with this new toy and are completely convinced as to why everyone has one.

As December is the time for sharing we’re offering you the chance to win this Samsung Tablet to say thank you for all your support during 2014. To enter, simply visit this link and let us know the answer to the following question: ‘The Samsung Galaxy Tab is designed with who in mind (clue, it’s under Technology Summary)? E-mail your name and the correct answer to: and we will draw the winner at random on Wednesday 17th of December to make sure you receive it in time for Christmas.

Samsung Galaxt Tab Review5

This is post is in collaboration with Argos, all views are Betty’s own.

 *Terms & Conditions: The Argos and Betty Magazine competition is open until midnight on Wednesday 17th December 2014 (GMT). Entries past this date will not be considered. There will be one winner that will receive one Samsung Galaxy 3 Tab in Black. Please note this tablet has been taken out of its, as it has been tested by the Betty team, however it is near perfect condition. The winner will be chosen at random by the Betty team. The winner will be notified by email and the winning entry will be available on written request. All entrants will be subscribed to the Betty Magazine database to receive e-mail updates, to which you can unsubscribe at any time. Your data will not be sold, or used for any other purposes. UK entrants only. There is no cash alternative.

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